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Hyvinkää has been famous as a place for recreation and well-being for a long time. In the 19th century, visitors from all over the country travelled to Hyvinkää to recharge their batteries, enjoy the various treatments at the Hyvinkää Sanatorium and avail themselves of the peace of the forest landscape and its fresh air.

Hyvinkään Sveitsi has a long tradition as a holiday resort that was already praised in newspapers back in 1885. Legend has it that the area was named Sveitsi, Finnish for Switzerland, after an inn kept by a German family in the area. Another legend says that the hilly terrain got its name from the Sanatorium patients whose treatment regimen included lots of exercise in the propitious climate of the area.

Sveitsinharju is part of Salpausselkä, an extensive ridge system left by the ice age, and the glacial kettle has been used for recreational purposes since the 1870s. The entire area of the Sveitsinpuisto park area covers about 200 hectares, half of which is natural conservation area. It is ideal for picking wild berries and mushrooms, and perfect for jogging in the illuminated paths that in winter become cross-country ski trails.

Winter sports have been an essential part of the history of Sveitsi for decades: the ski jump was constructed before the wars, the ski lift has been serving visitors to take them up the slopes since the 1960s and curling was already being played back in the 1970s. The hotel in the area has a long history as a conference venue and has now experienced a complete makeover. The swimming pool, ice arena and horse trails have later been a great addition to the wide selection of activities in the area.

Well-being, relaxation and the joy of exercise have always been an integral part of the story of Hyvinkään Sveitsi. Welcome to feel well with us!

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